Cute Date Ideas


One word really sizes up why most of us go on dates for the most part. And that word is, "Fun". Now dating has a lot of value to both you and your sweetheart for building a solid relationship and the more intimate moments of romance that may come out of a great date. But for that time you both go out together to relax and laugh together, you want lots of cute date ideas to always keep your dates fresh and fun.

Let's face it, if you date the same person for week after week, it's easy to fall into a rut. It's so easy to go to the movies, have a dinner out or do the same things over and over again. But you want your romantic life to be full of fun of excitement and the anticipation of a great time whether it's your first date or you have been dating for years. So it's a good idea to always be looking for new fun date ideas to keep plenty of variety and sizzle in your dating life.

Too often when we think of cute date ideas, we always seem to think of the extravagant and expensive ones. But very often it is the simple even free dates that are the most romantic and the ones that are the most fun and memorable for your lover. During the spring or fall seasons, picnics in the great parks in town are always fun and a relaxing way to get to know each other better.

But keep your eyes open when at the park because there are often cute and fun things going on that you can enjoy together. Perhaps there is a little league baseball game going on and you and your date can find places in the stands, pick sides and have the time of your lives cheering for the little guys playing their hearts out. Or if there is a cute little carnival in the park, for a small fee, you can enjoy a little Ferris wheel or ride there and just have the simple joys together that you had as children.

Being aware of what is going on around you is a great way to take a sweet simple date and make it great fun. In any town there are areas around the city, usually closest to the colleges where the funky little art and book stores line the street between quirky restaurants and record boutiques. You can plan a wonderful date to "go bohemian" and spend an evening bouncing from shop to shop and finding those unique and fun little items or t-shirts that will become funny parts of your home and wardrobe and remind you of this cute date.

There are a lot of cute date ideas that sometimes we forget about around town but are available to add lots of variety to your romantic and recreational outings together. Some of the ones you know you will have fun with include roller skating or ice skating, laser tag, buy a Christmas tree together, take a hay ride, miniature golf, go to the state fair, horse back riding, take in a drive in movie or make pottery or sock puppets together.

Look in the newspaper each week for all kinds of new and fun dating ideas and don't just limit yourself to the regular movies and restaurant listings you are used to using. Look at the children's events, the community theater or free events, the lectures at the local college or plays being put on at the elementary school.

By building your resources to find out all of the cute little things going on around town, your date will begin to look forward to your outings because she will know you are always coming up with new and creative ways for the two of you to have fun. And when she knows that, she will never tire of being with you because your romance is constantly full of fun and excitement. If you're a teenager see this page on date ideas for teenagers

Check this out, know your date better and win your date's heart...

Dating Tip #1

Be Prepared - Some great dates are the ones that are spontaneous, but if you make every date spontaneous then things are bound to go wrong! Take the time to think through your date, plan for any problems like taking an umbrella with you if it is a long walk to the car and the sky looks bleak, or make sure that the restaurant you are going to does not have a hen night on when you are going for a quiet romantic meal...

Dating Tip #2

Chivalry Is A Must - If you are a man then you should be chivalrous and hold the door for your date, let her order first, pull out her chair - be a gentleman! If you are a woman then you have to let him! It is no wonder that the old fashioned manners and politeness are dying out when people are so stubborn they think it is wrong to let others hold the door or pay the bill!

Dating Tip #3

Make Eye Contact - Although some people feel uncomfortable with making eye contact, it is eye contact that shows you are interested in your date. People tend to keep eye contact when listening but not when talking to someone, try to make eye contact whenever possible (if you are interested in them that is!).