Date ideas for teenagers


One wonders, what date ideas are there for teenagers? Most date ideas online are catered towards older couples but there’s very little information for teenagers looking for some good date ideas. Fret not, here are some helpful ideas to get you started:

Cycle and roller blading in the park!

This is a good clean and cheap way of going on a date. Not only do you get to exercise together, if you’re good at cycling or blading, you can take this opportunity to teach your date how to do it! Besides that you get to enjoy presumably good scenery and the great outdoors!

This is an awesome way to spend the day.

Tip: offer to buy an ice-cream or sports drink for your date.

Go to the library and read some books!

Sounds like anti-social behavior? Well it’s not! This is a slightly different date idea and it’s true that there will be less interaction in the library but it’s suited for first few dates where there can be some shyness still.

Other then that, going to the library can allow you to learn more about the interests of your date and find out more about his/her likes and dislikes. Besides you can always find conversations in the books your date is reading!

This is a good, quiet and free way to spend an hour or so.

Go to a pet store.

It’s proven. People love cute things. It’s hard not to find somebody that doesn’t smile at the sight of a cute little kitten or puppy. Seeing cuddly little things is free! Walk around, stop and stare and take pictures (if it isn’t too rude).

This can be a surprisingly effective and fun date!

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