Good Date Ideas


So its date night again and you are looking forward to the same date you have had with your sweetheart for months. Dinner and a movie, every single weekend. While its fun to keep up on the current movies, after a while they start to blend together. It almost gets to where you hope the movie sort of sucks so at least you have something to laugh about at you regular stop at Starbucks to finish the evening off.

Well there is no reason you cannot take even that tired out format of dinner and a movie and add a few good date ideas to make that outing fresh and interesting again. By putting some creativity into this well worn tradition, you can not only make a fun and exciting event, it can become something you both look forward with some excitement rather than with a yawn.

By simply switching from the blockbuster films that Hollywood is boring us to tears with, why not venture in the world of independent film? In most cities, there is an artsy part of town where you can usually find a funky little art house theater that will show independent films both new and old. By doing some research on the subject matter of some Indie films being made out there, you will often get a movie that is thought provoking and challenging and one that will keep you and your date talking about it for days after you attend.

The other cool thing about attending a movie at an independent art theater is that going itself becomes an adventure. You can dress up in your most bohemian funky best and mix right in the college students and young radicals that are there to find out what the freshest films are saying these days. So instead of talking for hours what the last Nick Cage snore fest was about, you get to "be hip" with your date at least with regards to your film choices.

Other good date ideas that can add some spice to date night is to participate in the movie to some extent. You've probably seen the movie formats on TV like "Dinner and a Movie" where the hosts cook a meal that fits with the movie that is being screened. You can join that tradition either by going to a restaurant that serves food that fits the movie you are going to see or actually cooking a delicacy that will enhance the experience of the evening.

For the ultimate in throwing caution to the wind, consider dressing up and joining right in with the fun of the movie. The best film to do this with is at the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show where you and your date can not only dress like one of the characters but go prepared to throw rice, dance the Time Warp and totally become part of the interactive experience.

These kinds of "movie events" happen around your town all the time. You just have to be aware of them. You can reprise the Mystery Science Theater 3000 format by purposely renting a band movie and then staying home and you and your sweetheart try to outwit each other yelling insults at the screen. Don't forget to include Plan 9 From Outer Space on your agenda.

You can see that even with a boring format like dinner and a movie, with some creativity and a willingness to have fun, take risks and even make a fool of yourself, you can come up with lot of good date ideas that will make what was old new again. And when dating is an adventure again, no doubt your romance will launch into its own new era of adventure, fun and excitement as well.

Check this out, know your date better and win your date's heart...

Dating Tip #1

Be Prepared - Some great dates are the ones that are spontaneous, but if you make every date spontaneous then things are bound to go wrong! Take the time to think through your date, plan for any problems like taking an umbrella with you if it is a long walk to the car and the sky looks bleak, or make sure that the restaurant you are going to does not have a hen night on when you are going for a quiet romantic meal...

Dating Tip #2

Chivalry Is A Must - If you are a man then you should be chivalrous and hold the door for your date, let her order first, pull out her chair - be a gentleman! If you are a woman then you have to let him! It is no wonder that the old fashioned manners and politeness are dying out when people are so stubborn they think it is wrong to let others hold the door or pay the bill!

Dating Tip #3

Make Eye Contact - Although some people feel uncomfortable with making eye contact, it is eye contact that shows you are interested in your date. People tend to keep eye contact when listening but not when talking to someone, try to make eye contact whenever possible (if you are interested in them that is!).