Second Date Ideas


When you finished that first date, was there a sense of relief? That's ok. There is a lot of tension with that first date what with trying to make a good impression, not do anything profoundly stupid and to start building a relationship that will possibly lead to something long lasting.

What, in the final analysis, was your goal for that first date? Now a few may shoot their hands into the air and shout, "I know, I know. It was to get her into bed!"

Wrong. That may have been your goal but that kind of short term thinking is going to lead to a lot of first dates and very little more than that. No, on that first date there is a lot of testing to see if this gal is the one you may want to date regularly or even has the stuff to be "the one." But that is getting ahead of yourself. For now you strive to make that first date romantic, relaxed, fun and non-threatening so your date lets her beautiful personality shine through and hopefully yours does to.

Now that the time has come for the second date, your goals change as do your objectives. So when you start to put together the best second date ideas, what you want from this date makes a difference. There is one outstanding source for the very best second date ideas that will be sure to be a big hit with this girl you may want to date a lot. And it may be a source that you may have overlooked.

That source is THE FIRST DATE! Hopefully during that first outing, you started test driving some ideas past her on things you like to do. More importantly you asked her questions about her interests, her passions and the way she likes to spend time to find out the things SHE likes to do on a second date. And if you took note of those things, you already will have a full agenda of ideas for the second date, the third and maybe ten more after that.

Good date ideas give you both lots of time to get to know each other better. A trip to a museum or the zoo is great for this because you can wander from exhibit to exhibit and stop and chat for as long as you want. She might not remember the Rhino exhibit but she will remember the time she spent with you if you turn on the charm on the second date.

Don't be afraid to do something silly or even childish on the second date. A trip to play paintball or to the circus takes her back to going to those things with her daddy and lets her see the child in you. Other second date ideas that often work well include, going hiking if you both love the outdoors, attend a concert of an artist you both love, go garage sale shopping and buy each other inexpensive but fun gifts or attend a junior high or elementary school play, the least well produced the better.

If you end the second date at a ice crème parlor laughing about the fun you had together and sharing the first of many inside jokes of your relationship, that date will be a great next step in what may be a wonderful romance. And if you drop her off and she just wants to give you that first kiss, well then enjoy every second of it because you deserve it for planning a date she really enjoyed.

Check this out, know your date better and win your date's heart...

Dating Tip #1

Be Prepared - Some great dates are the ones that are spontaneous, but if you make every date spontaneous then things are bound to go wrong! Take the time to think through your date, plan for any problems like taking an umbrella with you if it is a long walk to the car and the sky looks bleak, or make sure that the restaurant you are going to does not have a hen night on when you are going for a quiet romantic meal...

Dating Tip #2

Chivalry Is A Must - If you are a man then you should be chivalrous and hold the door for your date, let her order first, pull out her chair - be a gentleman! If you are a woman then you have to let him! It is no wonder that the old fashioned manners and politeness are dying out when people are so stubborn they think it is wrong to let others hold the door or pay the bill!

Dating Tip #3

Make Eye Contact - Although some people feel uncomfortable with making eye contact, it is eye contact that shows you are interested in your date. People tend to keep eye contact when listening but not when talking to someone, try to make eye contact whenever possible (if you are interested in them that is!).