Best Date Ideas


When you finish entertaining that special young lady or exciting young man on a date, as you reflect on the evening, what is the one thing you want them to say? For most of us, we want them to look back on the time with us and think, "Wow! That was the best date ever!" That's a tall order. So if we are going to achieve this grand vision of the best date ever, the first step is to come up with some of the best date ideas ever as well.

Whether the date you enjoy with that interesting man or woman is the best date can be decided based on several things. It might be that you both enjoyed an event that was truly memorable. So to pass that criteria, you should keep your eyes open for one of those "show stopper" events that comes to your area from time to time. Now, this could be a tour of a major music star or the chance to see something amazing like a playoff football game.

But there are some events that qualify as truly once in a lifetime events that are not as standard as sports and big stars. If there is a balloon festival not too far away, even if that event happens every year, for most people it's a unique experience to be there when hundreds of hot air balloons take flight. And if you book a space in one of the baskets of one of those balloons for you and your date, you are in for an adventure she will not forget for decades and it will be an outing that will easily rank as one of your best date ideas ever.

Adventure is always a way of making a date fun and interesting. By going on a shared adventure, even if its not dangerous, you not only get your heart rates up and your adrenaline pumping, that kind of excitement can pass as one of your best date ideas because it will be something you share and laugh about for months afterwards. White water rafting, hiking or even skydiving are unique and exciting adventure dates that may scare both of you a little but after you survive the thrill, you will have a bond because you made it through the ordeal - together.

But even a calm and tame date that just lets the two of you get to know each other better ranks as a great date idea. Simple things like going to the zoo, window shopping some expensive antique stores, attending an old fashioned country jamboree or going to the state fair are dates that are simple, old fashioned and they give you and your date plenty of time to get to know each other.

After all, the idea of a date is to be together. Sure, you want to have fun and do something interesting because this is your leisure time. But never take your focus off of your date and enjoying her company. And if your date knows that you are all about making this evening the best time she has ever had and that she has 100% of your admiration and attention, whether you are falling from a plane or petting a lamb at the petting zoo, being together will make this date the best one ever in her heart and in yours as well.

Check this out, know your date better and win your date's heart...

Dating Tip #1

Be Prepared - Some great dates are the ones that are spontaneous, but if you make every date spontaneous then things are bound to go wrong! Take the time to think through your date, plan for any problems like taking an umbrella with you if it is a long walk to the car and the sky looks bleak, or make sure that the restaurant you are going to does not have a hen night on when you are going for a quiet romantic meal...

Dating Tip #2

Chivalry Is A Must - If you are a man then you should be chivalrous and hold the door for your date, let her order first, pull out her chair - be a gentleman! If you are a woman then you have to let him! It is no wonder that the old fashioned manners and politeness are dying out when people are so stubborn they think it is wrong to let others hold the door or pay the bill!

Dating Tip #3

Make Eye Contact - Although some people feel uncomfortable with making eye contact, it is eye contact that shows you are interested in your date. People tend to keep eye contact when listening but not when talking to someone, try to make eye contact whenever possible (if you are interested in them that is!).